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Our staff

If you wish to email one of our staff members directly please use their username followed by


​Position / Role ​Name ​Username
​Acting Principal ​Brad Geisel ​bgeis2
​Acting Deputy Principal Ellen Mead ebowe22
​Business Services Manager ​Dianne Carpenter ​dcarp4
​Guidance Officer Ross Adams radam9
​Administration ​Lyn Thomson ​lthom38
​Head of Special Education Services ​Jill Scott ​jscot326
​Special Education - Support Teacher ​Nick Lowe ​nxlow1
​Special Education - Support Teacher ​Chris Gilliland ​cgill15
​Teacher Librarian ​Jacqueline Baker ​jbake19
​Support Teacher - Literacy & Numeracy ​Tennille Knight ​tknig53
​Music and Dance Teacher Natasha King ​nking0
​Physical Education Teacher ​Emma Salter



​Prep  (PrepBG)

​Jacqueline Blake

Pippa Griffiths



​Prep  (PrepS) ​Emily Sanders



​Year 1  (1A) Matt Avery ​maver7
​Year 1  (1ML)

Gwenda McArdle

Rochelle Learmonth



​Year 2  (2M) ​Amanda Morley ​axmor8
​Year 2  (2SL)

​Marina Smallacombe

Rochelle Learmonth



​Year 3/4  (MMC) ​Rachel McAndrew ​rxmca3
​Year 3/4  (MG) ​Kirra Gam ​kxgam0
​Year 3/4  (MS) ​Carla Sedgman ​csedg2
​Year 5/6 (UA)

​Tanya Armstrong

Desley Ehrlich



​Year 5/6 (UJ) ​Ian Jenkins ​idjen0
​Year 5/6 (UL) Kerry Larson