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Dates to Remember

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Breakfast Club
7:45 until 8:15am
Thursdays and
Reading & Sight Word Club
Parade 1:30pm
Thur and Fri
District Athletics
13 and 14 Jun
Tues 18 Jun
P&C Meeting 4:00pm
All Welcome
Fri 21 June
Music Bingo 6:30pm
Chaplaincy Fundraiser
Mon 24 June
Academic Achievement Awards 1:30pm
Fri 28 Jun
Beachmere Talent Quest
9:00am until 10:30am
Mon 01 Jul
School Holidays
To Fri 12 Jul
Mon 15 Jul
School Resumes
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The Principal's News

Published by Beachmere State School

Learning STEM at Beachmere SS

Students at Beachmere State School are enjoying the hands-on experiences on offer in the School Community Vegetable Garden.  With the support of teachers Mr Leo Murphy and Mr Nick Lowe, and our community volunteers Mr Dave Riley and Mr and Mrs Gynther, students have been investigating a variety of science, mathematics and technology concepts through hands-on, real life activities.  If you haven’t had a chance to come and look at our vegetable garden, you should make it a priority!

Prep – Little Pig Houses

On Friday 31st May, we welcomed our prep parents and families into the prep classroom to support the students with the task of designing and constructing a ‘Little Pig House’.  The prep students thoroughly enjoyed the morning and I have a sneaky suspicion that our helpers enjoyed it too!  What a great way to build on home/school relationships!



P&C Colour Run

Our P&C Colour Run was a great success.  Money raised will go towards supporting vital school projects and in particular our SEP playground.   A big thank you to all of the students and community who were able to help raise funds for this event.  Fundraising prizes will be available in the coming weeks.  We would also like to thank all the volunteers for helping out and making it a great afternoon for the students. 

P & C Meeting

Our next P & C Meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday 18 June.  The meeting will be held in our library from 4pm – 5pm.  All members of our school community are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Hit Bingo – Chaplaincy Fundraiser

Our Chaplaincy Committee will be hosting a night of fun and laughs at - Pick the Hit Bingo on 21st June at 6pm in our school hall.  If you are interested in booking a table (8-10 people), please contact Di Carpenter on 5433 9222 or

Bingo tickets are $15 for the first book and $10 for each book after.  It should be a great night, we hope you can join us!

Academic Achievement Ceremony

Each Semester, we recognise and celebrate the outstanding Academic Achievement of Beachmere students during at a special Ceremony.  Teachers in Years 1 – 6 will select the highest achieving students in each Learning Area (English, Maths, Science, etc.), based on their academic achievement data to receive the Learning Area Award.  Teachers will also select a student from each class who demonstrates the Beachmere State schools values of attitude, effort and respect to receive the ‘Spirit of Learning’ Award.  Parents will be notified of award recipients.  This special ceremony will be held on Monday 24 June at 1.30pm in our hall. All parents, family members and community are invited to attend.

Let’s Work Together to Improve Our Attendance

We continue to see a drop in our overall attendance, with week 7’s average attendance rate at 86%.  We need to work together to improve this rate.  The expected overall average attendance rate should be above 93%.  Our current rate of 88% is well below this. Your support in helping our school improve the attendance data is appreciated.  Please avoid keeping your child away from school for reasons such as:

  • birthdays
  • shopping
  • visiting family/friends
  • sleeping in
  • looking after other children
  • minor check-ups or appointments that could be scheduled after school
  • haircuts

Under the law, parents and caregivers must make sure their children are enrolled and attend school on all school days, unless there is a reasonable excuse.  Schools must monitor attendance of students and follow up with parents and caregivers where necessary. 

Establishing good routines home routines can assist with regular school attendance.  These may include:

  • having a set bed time
  • having a set wake up time
  • uniforms and school bag ready the night before
  • having set times for daily tasks such as breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed and homework
  • sending your child to school every school day, including birthdays and last day of term – from the start of prep.

Let’s work together to improve Beachmere State School attendance.  Below is our student attendance overview per class from last week for your reference.  Well done to 6B who are all currently above the state target of 92.7%.   

Follow us on Twitter:

Beachmere State School has a “Twitter” account.  You can follow us on twitter to keep up to date with school news and events.  We now up to 208 followers – please encourage your friends and family to follow our school.

School Website and QSchools App

The Beachmere State School Website is continually being updated with Term 2 events.  The website enables our school to link with iPhone and Android Apps such as the Queensland Government’s “QSchools” App.  The QSchools App is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about schools. The App is designed to integrate with our school website, and allows users to see when news, events and newsletters are posted to their selected school website. The school community can also receive emergency announcements such as natural disasters and school closures through the App.  The QSchools App will be particularly useful to parents who have students in different schools, as the App manages updates from multiple schools in a single view.  All Queensland state schools are searchable via the app. Further information about the QSchools App can be found at:

Our school website address is:

Yours in Education

Selina Barry


Beachmere State School

“To Soar with Persistence”

Attitude, Effort & Respect   

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The Deputy Principal's News

Published by Beachmere State School


Wow! What an amazing Under 8’s Day at Beachmere SS!

On Friday 7th June we held our annual Under 8’s Day. The day acknowledged the importance of learning in the early years of a child’s life. C&K, Goodstart, Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students participated in the morning activities. Students made pasta necklaces, dragons, superhero capes, pet rocks, newspaper hats, boomerangs and rainbow bands. They engaged in water play, sack races, playdough making, chalk drawing and lego building. There was so much to do! Everyone had a fantastic time.


A massive thank you to our Early Years Teachers and Teacher Aides for working hard to make our Under 8’s Day a huge success. We would also like to thank Joe Cuffe for the great job he did setting up the event. Thank you to our parents and caregivers who attended the morning. The early years of a childs life is so important. It was lovely to acknowledge the the early years by this special event.


At the end of each term our Teachers attend English Pre-moderation sessions to plan the next units of work they will be teaching. It supports Teachers to align what is being assessed and what and how the teacher is teaching and the student is learning. Teachers develop understandings of the year level expectations using the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards. They identify students prior knowledge, unpack the marking guide, identify the required teaching and determine how best to support the students in their class. Teachers work with other teachers in the region to ensure consistency and provides them opportunities for collaboration. Teachers will participate in Pre-moderation this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


On Wednesday 12th June Student Council held a State of Origin fundraiser for students to come in their team colours. The Students Council raised $196. They are currently fundraising to purchase representative shirts for the Beachmere SS Robotics Club. Thank you for supporting this fundraiser.  


Beachmere will be participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year. Recording sheets were handed out to students last term. Students will be able to use the books read for Book Buster’s for the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is not a competition but a way to encourage students to develop a love of reading for life. Through the challenge students are given an opportunity to develop their appreciation of the English language and are encouraged to explore and enjoy a wide range of literary texts.

Students who complete the challenge will receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Premier of Queensland. For a student to successfully complete the Premier's Reading Challenge they are required to read or experience the number of books indicated in the table below. The reading period is from now until Friday 23rd August.

Year level

Number of books

Prep - Year 2

Read or experience 20 books

Years 3 – 4

20 books

Years 5 – 6

15 books

The requirement for Year 5 and 6 students to read 15 books rather than 20 books acknowledges that older students are likely to select longer, more complex books that may take them longer to read.

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P&C News

Published by Beachmere State School

A massive thank you to the parents, staff and students who made our Run4Fun Colour Explosion  and such a great success! It is definitely an event we’d love to have again. 

We’d like to invite you to join us at our next P&C meeting, on Tuesday 18th June   If you can’t attend, please feel free to reach out to us through our  Facebook page, Beachmere State School P&C. If there’s interest, we have members who would be happy to host an informal catch up about P&C current events, around school drop off and pick up times. Hopefully we can find an arrangement that suits you. We appreciate your input. 

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Group Photos

Published by Beachmere State School

Order Online


Photos are available for students in the following groups :


School Captains


Student Council


Band and Choir Captains

Flag Monitors

Sports Captains

Photos are on display in the office. Orders are being taken online for the next 14 days.

 Cost $20.00 per group.

Get your 9 Digit Online Code from the office.

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Year 3 Science

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Year 3 – Science

As part of the Term 2 Science Unit “Spinning Earth”, 3M recently undertook a shadow investigation.

The investigation question was: What effect does the position of the sun have on Ms Malcomsons’s shadow. Firstly, we made a prediction about what might happen to the shadow throughout the day. We then marked a position on the cricket pitch. At three different times throughout the day, we marked and measured the length of Ms Malcomson’s shadow along with observing the position of the sun and describing the direction in which the shadow was pointing.

Once we had completed the investigation, we   recorded the results on a column graph. We answered questions about whether the shadow changed during the day and whether the results matched our prediction. We discovered that the length and position of Ms Malcomson’s shadow changed during the course of the day. Ms Malcomson’s shadow was the shortest length at 11:30am and the longest length at 1:50pm. We all really enjoyed conducting the shadow investigation.

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Published by Beachmere State School


On Friday 24th May we held our annual Athletics Carnival on the school oval. The weather cleared and we ended up with a gorgeous sunny day. Congratulations to all students who participated and tried their best in all events. We had  large groups for the senior carnival but we were able to complete everything on time. Thank you to all parents/carers who came and supported students throughout the day. I would also like to thank past students who came and assisted with the smooth running of events. Your assistance and  expertise is very much appreciated. The parents, past student, staff relay was hotly contested, with the past students coming away with the win!

This Thursday and Friday students will be representing the school at District Athletics. It will be  held at Wolfenden Oval, Caboolture. Good luck to all students who are competing.

Congratulations must go to the following students on their achievements at the Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to Campbell who won the House Champion Shield. Well done!

12 years



Age Champion



2nd Place


Maverick & Aimee-lee

3rd Place




11 years



Age Champion



2nd Place



3rd Place




10 years



Age Champion



2nd Place



3rd Place




9 years



Age Champion



2nd Place



3rd Place




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Our Champions

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Colour Fun Run

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Hit Music Bingo

Published by Beachmere State School


Beachmere State School

Chaplaincy Fundraising

Hit Bingo

Friday 21 June

6:30pm In the School Hall

Table Bookings Call Di

54 339222

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C& K Beachmere Community Kindergarten

Published by Beachmere State School



We will be commencing enrolments for 2020 at the end of June 2019.

Children who are four years of age between 1st July 2019 and 30th June 2020 are eligible for our kindergarten programme.

Please visit our website to fill an online wait list. Places are limited so don’t miss out. You are always welcome to pop in and visit us for more information on our program and meet the teaching team.

We currently have vacancies for children turning four years of age before 30th June 2019

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