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Dates to Remember

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Breakfast Club
7:45 until 8:15am
Weeks 2-9
Thursdays and
Reading & Sight Word Club
Weeks 2-9
Parade 1:30pm
Fri 26 July
9:00am Parent Support Session in the Hall Conference Room
Fri 26 July
9:00am Prep Ready Reading Launch
Tues 30 July
Yrs 3 & 4 Street Science
Thur 01 Aug
Robo Cup
Fri 02 Aug
9:00am Ready Reading Training for Parents
1:00pm Volunteer Induction
Fri 09 Aug
Gala Day (3)
Thur 15 Aug
Fluoride Day
Thur 16 to 21 Aug
Book Fair
Fri 16 Aug
9:00am Parent Support Session
Mon to Fri
Celebration of Teaching & Learning
19 to 23 Aug
Mon 19 Aug
Coin Challenge
Tues 20 Aug
Open Classrooms
Wed 21 Aug
Technology Day
Thur 22 Aug
Science Fair
Fri 23 Aug
Dress Up Book Parade
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The Principal's Message

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to the start of our 2nd Semester for 2019. It has been great to see the effort our students are making, ensuring they are wearing full school uniform each and every day, even in the cold weather.  This makes a big difference to the way our school looks and highlights the pride we show in being part of such a great school.  A big thank you to our parents and caregivers for supporting our school to make great improvements in this area. 


Beachmere State School Improvement Priorities

We will continue to focus on improving both our reading and writing skills.  Students will engage in modelled and shared reading lessons, followed by small group guided reading experiences from Monday to Thursday mornings.  They will also be focused on improving their standard of writing by participating in Modelled, Shared, Guided and Independent writing lessons, aimed at improving sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling.  I encourage all parents to speak with your child regarding their reading and writing goals for Term 3.

Reading & Sight Word Club

Reading and Sight Word Club will commence this Thursday 25 July.  The program will run every Thursday and Friday from 7.45am to 8.15am in our library.  All students from Prep to Year 6, parents and community members are welcome to attend.

Beachmere Technically Ready for Naplan Online 2020

Over the past two years, our school has been working on expanding our technological infrastructure to support the National focus on moving to Naplan Online in 2020.  So far, we have upgraded our wireless capabilities across the school and increased our student laptops to 80 across blocks 2 and 3, including 4 laptop charging trolleys.  With these laptops and our 30 desktop comupters in our computer lab, we now have the infrastructure and hardware in place to proceed with Naplan Online.  Later this term, we will be testing our technical readiness with a practice online test.  This will be a good opportunity to check our infrastructure, but it will also be a good opportunity for both teachers and students to see what the 2020 tests will be like.  More information will be available later in the term for students who will be completing the practice readiness test.

They are back! – Head Lice

It has come to my attention that some students in the school may have head lice and I seek your cooperation in checking your child’s hair this week.  Head lice are transmitted by having head to head contact with someone who has head lice. Head lice are common in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures. They have survived living solely on humans for 10,000 years!!!! I seek your cooperation in checking your child’s hair and in those instances where head lice or eggs are found, treating your child’s hair. For our community to effectively manage the spread of head lice, we all need to be doing our bit to eradicate not just head lice, but the eggs as well.  Please check your child this week.

Parent Opinion Surveys

The School Opinion Survey is undertaken each year by the department’s State Schools Division to obtain the opinions of parents/caregivers, students and school staff about important aspects of schooling.  The survey is designed to help schools identify what they do well and what they can improve on.  A random selection of parents across the school will receive an invitation to complete the survey. Should you receive a survey,  I would like to encourage you to complete it so that your opinion can help influence the schools future priorities and direction.   If you need support to complete the online survey, please don’t hesitate to contact the office. 

Thank You Greg

We would like to thank Greg Cannon for coming in on the holiday break to create a beautiful mural on the port rack in block 1 for our students and community to enjoy.  It really brightens up this area.  We are very lucky to have such a generous community at Beachmere.


Term 3 Calendar Up to Date

The Beachmere State School Website is currently being updated for Term 3 events.  The website enables our school to link with iPhone and Android Apps such as the Queensland Government’s QSchools App.  The QSchools App is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about schools. The App is designed to integrate with our school website, and allows users to see when news, events and newsletters are posted to their selected school website. The school community can also receive emergency announcements such as natural disasters and school closures through the App.  Further information about the QSchools App can be found at:

Our school website address is:

Yours in Education

Selina Barry


Beachmere State School

“To Soar with Persistence”

Attitude, Effort & Respect 

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The Deputy Principal's News

Published by Beachmere State School


The Prep Ready Reader Launch will be held this Friday 26th July. The Launch morning schedule is as follows:

            9:00 - 9:10       Welcome (Library)

            9:10 – 10:00    Story Telling by author Dannika Patterson (Library)

            9:20 – 10.00    Parent Information Session (Prep room)

Prep students, teachers and parents are invited to participate and dress in theme as either pirates or fairies.

This year we will have a new author for our Prep Ready Reader Launch. Dannika Patterson is an award-winning  children's author with a passion for connecting children and families to nature. Dannika enjoys writing stories and poetry for children to educate, uplift, spark curiosity, inspire imagination and open relatable conversations. Her work has been published in Australia and internationally. Her debut picture book ‘Jacaranda Magic’ won 'Best Selling Children's Book' for 2018 at Little Gnome Book Shop. Dannika was awarded the 2019 MBC Queenslander of the Year Award for 'Contribution to the Arts in Queensland.' She is currently enjoying working on 7 more children's books, to be released over the next 2 years. Order forms will be in the office for anyone who would like to purchase a signed copy of Dannika’s book ‘Jacaranda Magic'



Queensland Ready Reading is an initiative of the Queensland Government that aims to improve literacy skills across the State.  The Department of Education is partnering with Volunteering Queensland to recruit and train up to 3000 volunteers to support children’s reading.

Our school will be hosting a Ready Reading training session on Friday 2nd August from 9am to 1pm. We will be inviting our parents and current volunteers to attend. For parents, there is no obligation to commit to volunteering, but they are encouraged to come and learn strategies to support their own child with their reading at home.

The training involves attending two modules of two hours each.

Module 1 – Learning to read

  • how and why reading is taught in particular ways
  • essential components for learning to read: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and  text comprehension
  • building a bank of strategies to support reading and knowing when and how to use them
  • sight words and high-frequency words and how they are used when learning to read.

Module 2 – Supporting readers

  • overview of the stages of reading and the behaviours typically displayed during these stages
  • how to support readers before, during and after reading
  • how to use pause, prompt, praise strategyusing prompts for reading such as sounding out, reading  on, chunking, re-reading and using pictures and visual cues
  • how to give effective feedback.

Parents and Volunteers will have opportunities to see strategies modelled, and to practise these in pairs and receive feedback so that you feel confident to support a child’s reading to become a more confident and independent reader. There is no cost for this training, and support materials will be provided by the Department of Education.

Details of training

Dates:  Friday 2nd August 2019

Time:   9:00am – 1:00pm

Location:  Beachmere State School Hall Conference Room

Please see the office staff to complete the paperwork to attend the Ready Reading training session.


There will be a Volunteer Induction sessin on Friday 2nd August at 1pm in the Hall Conference Room.


This term, Beachmere State School, along with all other schools across Australia, will be submitting data to the Federal Government about students with disability under the broad definition of disability identified in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. This data collection is compulsory for schools and means that all schools must collect and submit information annually on the number of students receiving adjustments due to disability in their care and the level of adjustment they receive. This collection of data does not change or impact on the current support provided to students. Student names and personal details are not identified in this process. For more information please feel free to contact Jill Scott (HOSES) or Shelli Sorrell (STLaN).


Story Dogs program has recommenced this term. Carl and his greyhound Chloe will be at Beachmere every Wednesday afternoon. Story Dogs is a fun and unique reading support program that improves children’s reading and communication skills by children reading to a trained 





The following activities are available at lunch breaks for students to participate in:

MONDAY –Netball (Gala Day Team), Choir, Robotics

TUESDAY –Robotics, Touch (Gala Day Team), Origami Club, Dance

WEDNESDAY – Guitar, Netball (Gala Day Team), Colouring Club, Rugby Union (Gala Day Team)

THURSDAY – Touch (Gala Day Team), Robotics, Dance Team

FRIDAY – Movie Club, Touch (Gala Day Team)


Tennille Knight

Deputy Principal

Beachmere State School

“To Soar with Persistence”

Attitude, Effort & Respect 

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P&C News

Published by Beachmere State School

Thank you to everyone who attended our P&C monthly meeting, Tuesday 23rd July.

Please follow our Facebook page “Beachmere State School P&C” to keep up to date with P&C events. We hope everyone had a good break over the school holidays and looking forward to Semester 2.

By now all  families should have received a copy of our  interim  tuckshop menu. Should you require a menu, copies are available at the office.

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PBL – Positive Behaviour for Learning


Reboot empowers young people to understand where they are at in their learning, when they need to ask for help and assistance and  provides a clear problem-solving framework to support a step by step approach to learning and improvement.

The Quadrants of Engagement provide a simple framework for people to understand where they are in their learning journey and what they need to be successful. Self-aware students are better able to manage their learning experience and ask for help and feedback. Being aware of the inevitable challenges that we face in the Learning Zone, including anxiety, frustration and self-doubt, helps us manage these difficult feelings and build learning resilience when they arise. It is easier to take the risk to engage when we know what difficulties we might expect.  Building a class-wide collective understanding of the learning process also supports students to become more independent.  Below is the quadrant of engagement that we refer to everyday with our students at Beachmere.


Repeated as a debrief at the end of each class or week, the Quadrants become an easily applied framework to build student understanding of how successful they have been in their learning and how engaged they were in the class. The Quadrants also provide a common language to facilitate easy discussion between students and teachers about student progress, the strategies that they might employ to become more self-sufficient and successful as learners and the support that might be needed.

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Interschool Gala Sport

This term we are sending teams to compete at Interschool Gala Sport on Friday 9th & 30th of   August. The girls Touch teams have been training for most of term 2. Training is twice a week to build on skill development and game understanding before the competition. The senior boys Rugby Union team have         commenced training with Mr Brown and the junior Netball team Have been working with Miss Gam.

 Oz Tag

We were fortunate to have Qld Oz Tag come to school last week to work with  students in PE lessons. Students became   familiar with the equipment associated with Oz Tag and learnt basic rules to play the game. Thank you to coach Travis, who provided this engaging learning experience and lunchtime training.

P & C – Thank you

PE has received a kind donation of five balls (AFL, Rugby Union, Netball, Soccer & Basketball) from the P&C for our sports program. Thank you to the P&C for your donation, the equipment is appreciated and will be utilised by students in PE lessons and sports training.   

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Our Champions

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Year 6 Monster Raffle

Published by Beachmere State School

  Year 6 Monster Raffle Prizes 2019

This raffle is to fundraise for the Year 6 graduation. Please write your name and number on the ticket when purchasing and return all tickets used or not to the office by Thursday 8th August 9am. Each book is $10. Thank you for your support.

2 X PT fitness vouchers $200

1x PT Fitness voucher $100

Hufflepuff Harry Potter pack $100

Slytherin Harry Potter pack $100

Ravenclaw Harry potter pack $100

Gryffindor Harry Potter pack $100

Family pass to Wildlife HQ Zoo – Big Pineapple $79

$50 IGA voucher

$50 IGA voucher

Beachmere Tavern voucher Plus bottle of wine $40

Hogwarts flag, socks and earrings x 3 packs


Tickets $1 each. More tickets are available from the office if needed.

Drawn Friday 9th August 2019 (Week 4)  at morning parade.

Year 6 teachers would like to thank everyone who donated to our prizes this year.

Tinney Family, Anytime Fitness, IGA, Bianca Morley – Witches and Wizards, Big Pineapple, and Beachmere Tavern. We have had an amazing response to all of our prizes. More tickets are available from the office. If you have not sold your tickets please return them so we can sell the tickets to other families. Thank you for all your support.

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Sign On

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Narangba Demons Baseball

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